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08 September 2008 @ 12:04 am
So I know that it is important for me to write and so in supporting myself in this process I am going to install some filters to my writing 1) so that I can be clear for myself what the purpose of each post is for, i.e. for the sake of writing, to express some ideas, or to share personal info, etc; and 2) so that you all as reader will be better able to respond to my writing and/or be more encouraged to comment (yay! we like comments!).

There are Three filters that I intend to use for now:

1) [Sexy Lube] is named for posts that are purely created for the sake of getting siked about writing and to get my sexy creative juices flowing...these posts will mostly be free-form writing with no editing or particular writing style although they tend to be more poetic in style than any other...

2) [Garden Path] is to be the main focus of this journal and will be my more organized thoughts on many such topics as follows(in no particular order): urban farming, nutrient-dense whole foods, food in general, cooking, communication, family, phenomonology, Feri, witchcraft, ritual, magic, perception, prestidigitation, dance, nature, community, the triple soul, philosophy, place, power, relationships, ecology, play, qigong, and other topics that seem to be relevant to the shaping of my life and the path around and ahead of me...

3 [Friends] is to be the more informal posts about life updates, gossip and whatever else may be on my mind...

I am not going to assume that anyone on my friends list will want to read any of these and so ask that if there is a particular filter that you wish to read that you comment to this post to let me know which one you are interested in.

This will be an unlocked post so if you are not on my friends list and want to read my journal and one or several of these filters please comment with your interest and why you want to read my post.
02 September 2008 @ 10:13 pm
the thrum of west oakland's rhythm beats in the night air as i feel the rhythm of my own breath. as i relax into my breathing and feel life fill me from the night air, as i become aware of the feel of the grass beneath my toes, the feeling of the wooden fence surrounding part of my yard, the trees that hang over and wave their branches heavy with lemons and with life. the presence of the night sky with clouds and light and stars above.

long post behind cut.....take it or leave it...Collapse )
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Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ice Shrink. Chronicle graphic by John Blanchard

Shattering previous records, the sea ice in the Arctic shrank 1 million square miles more this summer than the average melt over 25 years, an area larger than Alaska and Texas combined, according to NASA satellite data released Thursday.

Scientists at the federally financed National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado attributed the big melt to a global increase in ocean and air temperatures. The melting was made worse by a cloudless summer in the Arctic, the researchers said.

"The Arctic sea ice is the first signal, and the biggest signal, of the effects of rising global temperatures," said Walt Meier, a research scientist at the center.

Data show the sea ice also is thinner. It's breaking up earlier in the spring and is freezing over later in the fall. There are more days with greater expanses of open water.

That changes centuries-old patterns for Alaskans and others living in the Arctic Circle. They're having to alter their land travel routes and how they store food. Traditional hunting is changing, and buildings are collapsing as the permafrost melts. Storm patterns are unpredictable - waves are eroding coastlines.

Some see benefits. The Northwest Passage stays open longer to vessel traffic between Europe and Asia, cutting the voyage from London to Tokyo to 9,950 miles. That voyage via the Suez Canal is 13,000 miles; the Panama Canal route is 14,300 miles. Also, less ice over the Arctic land means more space exposed for oil and gas extraction.

In other effects, Arctic wildlife such as the polar bear, the walrus, the ring seal and seabird species are finding it harder to find food and habitat, pushing them closer to extinction, scientists say.

Two weeks ago, U.S. Geological Survey scientists predicted that two-thirds of the world's polar bears would be gone by 2050, including all of the Alaskan bears. The animals don't do well when they are forced to come to land, and some bears appear to have drowned trying to make the long swim between the shrinking ice and the land. The federal government is considering listing the bears as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Walruses feed in near-shore shallow ocean water but keep calves on the sea ice. As the pack ice shrinks, the females face the choice of finding food or abandoning their young, according to Defender of Wildlife scientists who are monitoring the animals' behavior.

Marine mammal researchers say that the Pacific gray whale also could be affected by a changing food supply in the Bering Sea as the climate warms.

Arctic temperatures are rising faster than the global average. The summer sea ice has shrunk about 8 percent each decade since the late 1970s, but that percentage is likely to be higher when the latest data are considered, Meier said.


for the rest of the article go here.  It's a little odd to be reading this article while in the middle of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman which has a lot to do with changes in the Arctic which leads to/symptomatic of changes that are quite fundamental to many worlds, not just our own.